What does gg means in betting

One of the types of bets are predictions that the participating teams will score a goal or get a point during the game. It is this short designation that will be the answer to the popular question “What does gg means in betting”. It can often be found on specialized forums and resources dedicated to sports predictions.

The study of all aspects and meanings of virtual bookmakers includes many stages. One of them is the designation and interpretation of various gambling terms. It is this knowledge that makes players feel comfortable, especially beginners.

Initially, the abbreviation “GG” stands for the wish for a “good game”, which is used in regular sports and further in e-sports. Sending such messages in the chat was a good form on the part of the players and at the same time a show of respect.

Do not forget that in the field of virtual betting, the abbreviation GG has found its place and is widely used by beginners and experienced players. Additionally, bookmakers use the designation NG, which means that none of the teams will get a point or score goals.

The relevance of GG among gamblers

Among active players, this option for creating forecasts is very popular. To explain this is simple – a high probability of making a winning bet.

Bookmaker players can choose between several outcomes – both teams will score / get a point or not. Many projects also offer more targeted outcomes, i.e. forecast can be made for a certain period of time. Simply put, you can bet on a specific period or time (hockey, football).

The popularity of this direction of betting is due to the following:

  • If you have knowledge about the playing teams and previously performed analytics, you can make successful predictions in 90 percent. This is true for more experienced players.
  • It is offered by all popular bookmakers that have won the trust of players in dozens of countries.
  • An additional opportunity to multiply the winnings. Using GG in an accumulator allows you to increase the final odds. In some cases, the initial GG multiplier can be so high that it allows you to win a significant amount of money for one prediction.
  • The only thing that an active bookmaker needs to consider is that GG applies to football and hockey. The explanation for this will be that during the match it is quite realistic not to score a goal for both teams. This rule also applies to teams scoring.

What makes GG stand out from other betting options

It is worth using this type of forecast at least once for the following reasons:

  • Variability of choice when creating a sports prediction. The player can bet on a goal or its absence from both teams, performance (its absence) in a certain period of time.
  • High coefficients. Reliable and trusted bookmakers monitor this indicator, which only maintains interest in betting among players.
  • The ability to independently choose the desired coefficient. In this case, the player personally assesses all the risks, which allows him to make the right decision.

The proposed method of creating predictions for players is the best solution that allows you to have a good time and win money. Many gamblers use only this betting option, because with their help you can earn and enjoy the gaming process.

For players, this is the best way to get a win-win line of wins, each of which is capable of delivering a huge amount of fun. Active gamblers do not need any special actions, except for one thing – to take a little time and make the desired prediction.

What you need to pay attention to when creating GG bets

Experienced players and beginners should always remember that sports predictions depend on luck. A simple example – an outsider of the championship can move up several positions, thereby knocking out a place for himself for subsequent participation.

The chances of winning a bet are always 50%, except that the player is completely sure of the desired outcome. In most cases, you need to rely on luck and your own knowledge, which will allow you to make a good bet. One should not forget about intuition either – everyone can experience it, regardless of the experience of using bookmakers.

Since GG is one of the popular sports prediction options, a lot of bettors ask various questions regarding this option. You can get help in the technical support of virtual betting projects and you can do it at a convenient time. If you are interested in the opportunity to make successful predictions for sports, then GG will be an ideal option for every fan of excitement. Anyone can test their luck, intuition and skills, including beginners. Well-known betting projects contribute to this as much as possible, which attracts new users.

What does 3 way mean in betting

Fans of sports forecasts should know all the subtleties of this direction and this is a must. A popular betting option among gamblers is “3 Ways”, which allows you to win more money. Many beginners in virtual betting projects are required to know the basics of predictions. Then everyone can get a detailed answer to the question What does 3 way mean in betting?

The proposed information will be relevant for all categories of players who want to increase their money with the help of forecasts. Every well-known bookmaker offers assistance with any questions. This allows players to quickly get the information they need and start creating predictions right away.

Feature of bets “3 way”

A distinctive feature of the proposed version of a sports forecast is the ability to choose from three outcomes. This is much better than those bets that have only two outcomes. This feature makes predictions much more profitable in terms of money, since the final odds are always higher.

“3 way” is relevant for many sports, where, in addition to the victories of two teams, a draw is provided. For example, it can be football, hockey, basketball and others. This betting option is also relevant for eSports, which was appreciated by all categories of players in bookmakers.

The proposed prediction method is popular among millions of active players. It is used for various sports where the outcome can be one of three possible outcomes.

“3 way” differs in the following:

  • The value of the coefficients is an order of magnitude higher in comparison with conventional two-sided forecasts. Note that the option with a draw always has the highest odds.
  • Opens wide opportunities for players. A virtual bookmaker user can create accumulators using “3 way” to get high multipliers.
  • Increased chance of winning by carefully analyzing information about the team.

Some tips for players about “3 way”

  • Despite the simplicity of this sports prediction option, active gamblers should know useful tips. With their help, the gameplay will be enjoyable and will allow you to win more often.
  • A detailed study of a sports team, including individual players. This includes information regarding their physical condition and overall performance. Do not forget about the coaching staff, as a change of coach can affect the desired outcome of the match.
  • Get maximum information about transfers. It is recommended to obtain information about previously made purchases of players or on loan. This allows you to imagine the big picture of the future game and know what to expect.
  • Visit the official websites of the teams more often. Only they publish reliable information – news, articles and other data.

Using the suggested tips, a gambler can reduce the likelihood of losing. A detailed study of the statistics of playing teams will be an ideal solution to minimize the risk of losing. Note that all well-known and reliable bookmakers provide basic information about the teams.

A good way to always get up-to-date information about squads and other intra-team changes is to subscribe to notifications from official club websites. Additionally, you can use third-party sports related resources, where news, articles and reviews are constantly published.

Why “3 way” is popular

This option of creating a forecast for the desired result is one of the most popular among active users of bookmakers. Its merits include the following:

  • The odds for the three possible outcomes are always higher compared to standard two-way predictions. This is beneficial for all categories of players who want to relax and get a win.
  • For fans of sports clubs, it will be much easier to create a “3 way” forecast, since they have the latest information about the team.
  • The opportunity to create a good accumulator that allows you to win big money. This is possible due to the increased coefficients.
  • This betting option is offered by all modern bookmakers without exception. This contributes to the recognition of the project and opens up good opportunities for gamblers.

If there are doubts about the “3 way” bets, then you can safely say goodbye to them. The proposed option for creating forecasts is ideal for beginners and experienced players. This is explained by the variability of creating both individual bets and express bets for any number of outcomes.

“3 way” for gamblers provides a good chance of winning and this requires a minimum of the user. It is enough to study both teams in advance to be sure of winning. The presence of 3 different outcomes allows you to create any express, each of which will be 100% winning. This is subject to a detailed collection of information on rivals or an individual club.

What is clean sheet in betting

The process of creating sports predictions includes many aspects. On the part of the player, it is required to have the necessary information and knowledge – the main factor in successful forecasts. Despite the generalized concept of “sports predictions”, it implies many directions. Let’s talk about one of them now – What is clean sheet in betting?

Note that this is one of the options for creating a forecast that allows you not only to enjoy the gameplay, but also to win good money.

What is the concept of “clean sheet”

This term is widely known to all players who are fond of sports predictions. Its essence lies in the fact that the gambler makes a prediction about whether his team will miss during the match or not.

For players, this is the best option to make a good prediction and win the desired money. The popularity of such a bet is due to its simplicity, which was appreciated by all active players.

Clean sheet options

Everything is simple here, since there are several varieties of such a forecast:

  • The player bets on one team that will not concede a goal throughout the match. A simple example is a forecast for a score of 0:2 and the user bets on the second team, which will not concede a single goal.
  • Forecast for both teams that will not concede during the first and second half. Not to be confused with a regular draw, where the score can be 1:1, 2:2, and so on. Simply put, the final score should be 0:0.

Particular attention should be paid to the “clean sheet” and should not be confused with a draw. This mistake is common among beginners who have not yet fully understood all the intricacies of sports predictions.

What a player needs to know to win in the “clean sheet”

This question will be relevant for beginners who want to start winning on this particular type of forecast. Here are some tips for players:

  • Preliminary study the information about the team and analyze it. This is the main requirement that allows you to increase the percentage of wins on such bets. In this case, you need to study in detail the latest news about the team, including players and coaching staff. Much attention should be paid to past transfers and how new players managed to prove themselves. Do not forget about the injuries of football players, their rehabilitation, etc. This has a significant impact on the overall mood of the team.
  • Check out previous matches. The gambler is required to study previously played games, which will make it possible to form a preliminary picture of the gameplay.
  • Which players are on the bench. An important factor that can turn the game, since a player released on the field at the right time can decide the outcome of the match. This is especially true for the opposing team.
  • Analyze the team’s defense, including substitutions that can strengthen the defense. This will be relevant in the case when the game comes from defense – the team does not strive to score a goal against the opponent, but does everything possible to prevent him from doing so.

Gamblers are advised to read articles on trusted sports websites or well-known football analysts. It is also not necessary to believe the first information that comes across – it can be a simple informational “canard”. Additionally, you can visit the official website of the team, where the latest news of the gaming club is published.

By following these simple guidelines, you can increase your chances of winning. This is exactly what active bettors of bookmakers need.

Why “clean sheet” is popular among players

The following factors can explain the popularity of this variety:

  • Ease of creating a prediction – you will need to choose a team that will not concede a goal.
  • The opportunity to win big money, subject to the preliminary collection of information about the teams.
  • Increased chances of winning the created prediction.
  • A good opportunity to make a winning prediction for fans of your favorite teams.

The “clean sheet” forecast option is attracting more and more players, regardless of experience in creating predictions. This is a great chance to test your knowledge of the selected team – winning is guaranteed to please the user.

Such predictions are perfect for all categories of gamblers, which makes virtual bookmakers an ideal tool for making predictions. Do not forget that any project will help with questions regarding forecasts. Each registered user can receive the information of interest in a convenient way for him – e-mail or online chat.

Players can appreciate this type of prediction and see the high chances of winning. All popular and well-known bookmakers offer “clean sheet” predictions without restrictions. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the fun of gaming anywhere – computer, smartphone or tablet.

Top 10 Best Betting Sites in Nigeria

The question of choosing a reliable site for predictions is of interest to every gambler. The main criteria for selecting such a resource is its popularity, honesty towards users, bonuses, promotions, methods of replenishment, withdrawal, and many other aspects. Not everyone is ready to spend time on an independent search, and the proposed Top 10 Best Betting Sites in Nigeria will help in this matter. This is a good way to quickly determine the appropriate game resource.


This bookmaker is popular with hundreds of thousands of players who want to have a good time playing sports predictions. A distinctive feature of this project is a responsible approach to rates. A permanent staff of sports betting specialists, player support, convenient deposit/withdrawal of funds, live broadcasts of competitions make Bet9ja the best solution for making predictions. In addition, there is a mobile application that allows you to bet anywhere and at a convenient time.


A well-known site that allows users from Nigeria to make predictions without any restrictions. Registered users highlight the following advantages of the project: good odds, a mobile application and a simplified version of the site, round-the-clock user support, live broadcasts of games, bonuses, easy deposit and withdrawal of funds.

Surebet 247

One of the leading bookmakers that provides an opportunity to make a sports forecast for every user from Nigeria. The advantage of the project is the best chances for single matches. Bonuses and coupons are also offered when registering new players. A huge selection of competitions for betting will not leave anyone indifferent and there is no need to doubt it.


One of the most popular betting projects, which is known to millions of players around the world. 1xbet is distinguished by a large selection of competitions and an individual approach to users. A registered player can expect exclusive bonuses, promotions, high odds and more. Help for gamblers with questions is also provided 24/7, which appeals to all categories of players.


It is a proven and reliable betting project that has existed in Nigeria since 2012. The popularity of this resource is easily explained – this is one of the offices offering free broadcasts of football matches. This solution attracts new users who want to enjoy the game of their favorite team anywhere and without the need to pay for access to the air.


Also a popular bookmaker offering the best in the world of sports predictions. Players can count on good bonuses, fast withdrawals and deposits, an application for smartphones, help from the support service at a convenient time. This project is known to experienced gamblers and beginners, which makes it an ideal option for all categories of users.


Popular sports betting leader with operations in several African countries. This is one of the casinos offering great bonuses for the first deposit, free forecast and other good gifts for users. Players note the quick and easy development of the project and the well-developed interface contributes to this.


A good betting project that allows you to fully plunge into the world of sports predictions. Each user will enjoy the gameplay, regardless of their experience. Players appreciated betting on real sports, as well as e-sports, which has hundreds of millions of fans in the world. There is an app for Android and iOS devices.


An easy-to-learn betting project that is very popular in Nigeria. The office offers excellent opportunities to create a bet and enjoy it. Players are offered all the relevant bonuses that characterize such offices – a welcome bonus, an increase in bonuses, and so on.


Everyone who wants to have a good free time knows this bookmaker’s office. A huge number of sporting events, each of which offers exclusive odds for users. This project will be an ideal solution for both experienced players and beginners.

Why this list of betting sites is relevant

The proposed list saves the user’s time, which is the main reason for using it. Additionally, the player gets the opportunity for the following:

  • Quickly get acquainted with legal bookmakers offering services in Nigeria.
  • Guaranteed reliability of information.
  • Only proven and reliable projects are presented.
  • Used the latest information regarding virtual bookmakers popular in Nigeria.

Use this list and save yourself time searching for a suitable betting project. We offer the best projects that have managed to become famous and gain popularity among the players.