SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Slow Juicer Review

This masticating juicer is a unique and specially manufactured juicing machine that is vertical and has a wide feed chute that can help you in juicing a large number of food items, fruit, and vegetables.

The SKG wide chute Anti-oxidative slow juicer is a very high rated juicer that is reliable and affordable by any one that is interested in juicing.

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The SKG Wide chute has a low rotating speed and because of the low speed, it produces a low oxidized juice form fruits and vegetables. For this reason, the vitamins, enzymes, and minerals in your fruits and vegetables are not damaged.

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The SKG slow juicer is a vertical (upright) machine that is easy to clean, assemble, dissemble and use. The operation ability is so amazing because of its processing factor and every part of this unique juicer are made of high-quality anti-oxidative material which are Rust-free.

The SKG is a portable masticating juicer with a wonderful handle that allows you to carry it without stress and it has a very resistance to any form of clogging and this makes it 100% different other centrifugal juicers.

The low-speed minimal oxidation of the SKG is what makes it produce Nutritious, testy, fresher and long-lasting juice that can stay for days if properly stored.

Once you are a consumer of this unique juicer, be rest assured of getting a unique service back up that is there to answer any question that might be troubling you concerning this unique Anti-oxidative masticating juicer.

Buying the SKG wide chute Anti-oxidative slow juicer gives you an automatic product warranty that extends to Ten (10) years and a Two (2) year warranty that covers all the parts and accessories of the SKG slow juicer.


The SKG Wide chute Anti-oxidative slow juicer is a very high quality juicing machine with little oxidation.

Juicing fruits and vegetables gives a very high yield of juice because of the ability of the SKG slow masticator to squeeze out every single drop of juice in your fruits and vegetables.

Cucumber       80% to 97%      80% to 82%
Celery       65% to 75%      65% to 67%
Orange       85% to 95%      85% to 88%
Apple       65% to 75%      65% to 70%
Carrot       42% to 50%      42% to 45%
pineapple       85% to 98%      85% to 90%
Pear       78% to 85%      78% to 80%

From the Above table of yields, the totality of yields by other centrifugal juicers cannot be compared to the percentage yield of the SKG wide chute Anti-oxidative slow juicer.

This awesome juicer machine brings out a very dry pulp which means that all the juices in your fruits and vegetables are totally extracted out.


The SKG Wide chute Anti-oxidative slow juicer is an accommodating juicer that has the ability to accommodate a large quantity of food items because of the largemouth wide chute of the juicer.


  • Off and On button
  • A stable handle
  • A juicing screen
  • A push rod
  • A container cover
  • An Ultem strainer and Auger
  • A 240W AC Motor ( which helps it to rotates at 60RPM)
  • A juice cup and a pulp cup
  • Pulp ejection port
  • Juice tap for juice extract drips.

Every part of this juicer is very easy to assemble, disassemble and operate.

STEP 1: Place your fruits and vegetables on the 3 inches wide chute and use the rod to push the vegetables and fruits down into the juicer, it depends on the size of the fruits/vegetables.

STEP 2: Position the juice container and the pulp container properly.

STEP 3: Leave the juicing tap open facing the juice container.

STEP 4: Allow the juicer to juice the food items in it.

STEP 5: After juicing of the food items is completed, switch off the juicer and pour out the juice extract into a glass then enjoy a freshly homemade nutritious juice.


Cleaning you’re SKG juicer is very essential because that will make you eat and drink healthier and also keep your juicer bacterial free.

STEP 1: Disassemble all parts of the juicer after use.

STEP 2: Use a clean brush with a soft bristle to wash the dissembled parts in clean running water.

STEP 3: Clean dry the juicer parts with a clean dry towel and allow to air dry.


  • SKG wide chute Anti-oxidative slow juicer is a wide feed chute juicer.
  • It yields a high amount of juice than other centrifugal juicers.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain and operate.
  • It is a heavy-duty machine and weighs about 16 pounds.
  • It’s reliable and also affordable.
  • It has 240 watts AC motor, 60 RPM and a large feed chute, which makes it a perfect and unique juicer for every home.
  • It has a big collection of both juice and pulp.
  • The juice produced in it has a fresh nutritious test and can stay for days if properly stored.
  • It has PEI Auger and a perfect Screen.
  • It is not a noisy juicer.
  • It produces more dry pulp and this is because it extracts every drop of juice from the fruits or vegetables juiced with it.


SKG Anti-oxidative slow juicer is a perfect and unique juicer and there are little or no disadvantages that accompany it. None of the users of this awesome product have given us bad reports about this juicer.

Throwing fibrous food items into the SKG wide chute Anti-oxidative slow juicer without cutting them into smaller pieces might cause damages to the juicing machine.

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