Nutribullet Protein Shakes – Best Blenders For Protein Shakes

For all those gym enthusiasts or the ones who wish to opt for a healthier lifestyle, protein shakes are an essential part of your daily routine. These will not only provide your body with the required vitamins and nutrients but also give a perfect start to your day.

A personal blender can help you get started with your daily dose of nutrients in an efficient manner. Blenders are capable of creating really delicious protein shakes or smoothies.

Generally speaking, any blender that can whip is capable of giving you good protein shakes but that doesn’t ensure ease of use and really great shakes and smoothies which are perfect and consistent.

Nutribullet Protein Shakes

Nutribullet Protein Shakes

Well, Nutribullet offers you exactly what you need. Being very popular especially among those who love to eat and drink healthily. Designed to be quick and easy to use it ensures to save a lot on time.

Before getting into what makes Nutribullet so efficient let’s see what you should be looking at when buying one for yourself. There are a few important features based on which you should make your choice like:

  1. Size: if you have decided that you will only blend shakes or smoothies with the blender then always opt for a smaller and lightweight blender. Being smaller in size these are easy to clean and operate. They also occupy less of your kitchen space.
  2. Motor: starting from 200 watts you can go up to 1000 watts. Anything between 250 watts is perfect for a protein shake or a smoothie but with more power, you can even use it to crush ice and make chilled shakes or smoothies.
  3. Add-ons: do check what additional items you getting with the blender. Some come with cups, recipe books, and also spare blades.

Nutribullet Pro 900w is one of the bestselling single-serve blenders in the market. Capable of doing more than just protein shakes and smoothies, this 900w has a really powerful motor.

This extremely powerful motor gives you great consistency and perfect texture and is also capable of crushing ice or any other harder food article.

Thus anything that you put inside this blender will come out silky and smooth. It eliminates all lumps or protein powder from your shake.

The whole package includes:

Nutribullet Shakes

  • Powerbase, High-torque, 900-watt
  • Blender blade – extractor blade
  • On-the-go Flip Top Lid
  • 32 Oz personal blending cup with lip guard
  • 24 Oz tall blending cup with lip guard and built-in handle
  • User manual
  • Pocket guide nutritionist
  • Recipe book – life-changing recipes

A true powerhouse in terms of blending capacity with a 900-watt motor power this blender can even liquefy whole foods and seeds. Perfect for on-the-go people especially because of the containers this package includes.

Right after blending you can slip on the travel-ready lids and all is good to go. Being compact in size, this blender offers a lot of power.

Here are a few features of Nutribullet Pro that make it one of the best blenders available:

nutribullet pro 900 reviews

  1. Compact and sleek design

Being small and compact it can fit easily in any countertop set. Its larger jars give you more flexibility in terms of the amount and size of smoothie you wish to make. With its 32 Oz blending cup, you can make enough to serve two or more people hence it’s perfect for small families. Ideal for on-the-go movers.

  1. Versatile and Powerful

With 900 watts of the motor, this is capable of working really quickly and efficiently on any kind of fruit or vegetable. Also, very versatile equipment as you can easily puree or liquefy anything and can assist you nicely for other cooking purposes.

  1. Easy Operation

No buttons or knobs to operate, you just need to fill the container, twist it and seal the lid with the blade attachment, flip it and mount it in place. That’s all you need to do.

Nutribullet Extractor Blade

Nutribullet Extractor Blade

A Nutribullet comes with two different kinds of blades one of them has prongs and is called as the Extractor Blades. Basically, meant to break the tough seeds, thick stems, and thick skins.

The unique combination of an extractor blade and the cyclonic action of the Nutribullet generate immense power to break down, pulverize and emulsify foods that unlock the hidden nutrition of the food that you eat.

Nutribullet Milling Blade

Ideal for milling grains or chopping fresh herbs and even nuts. It works great when you wish to drink those seed protein mixes. You can even blend your favorite spices and keep them in your refrigerator to be used later.

From dehydrated garlic, coriander seeds, or dried onion you can throw in any of your favorite ingredients and it very easily does the job for you.

Many users are really satisfied and say that it fully breaks down every ingredient even allowing the use of tough ingredients that other blenders can’t handle. This is a very compact blender that would jazz up any countertop.

It is an ideal solution for the best protein shakes or smoothies with its sharp blades and powerful motor. It is capable of giving you all the desired nutrients or vitamins that you wish to whip.

If you already have a healthy lifestyle this Nutribullet blender will take your health to the next level.