Juicing: Values and Benefits

Are you familiar with the concept of juicing? An average human being requires a potent amount of fruits and vegetables but most of us are too lazy to munch on those raw salads and peel oranges during stressful times where the workload and exhaustion renders us useless. This is where juicing comes in as perhaps the best alternative.

Juicing means extracting juice from fresh fruits and vegetables, and taking out most of the minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients (plant chemicals) from the whole fruit. The portion with the fiber is lost, which is healthy for digestion but juicing requires little effort on the digestion front so that is not a problem in the slightest.

benefits of juicing

It is fun and easy, and it ensures that the body gets most micro nutrients with less food. You can add more fresh produce to your diet this way and using a wide variety of fruits and vegetables will give you more nutrients, vitamins and minerals than eating any one fruit or vegetable. This is why it is highly effective for its refreshing and weight loss purposes.

How to get started?

From the moment you decide to start juicing, you have to know that while the nourishment comes quickly and a healthy body follows, it largely depends on the type of fruits and vegetables you select and whether or not you are going natural. Drinking ready-made juices that are commercial processed products does you no good, and you need to handpick the freshest fruits and vegetables available on the market and juice them yourself. This will give you plenty of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that your bodies desperately need in order to rejuvenate themselves.

How Does It Help?

Perhaps its biggest value lies in boosting the immune system via the phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables. These nutrients protect the body from most of the inflammatory diseases that are extremely dangerous. Cardiovascular diseases that disrupt a healthy heart, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis are all fatal diseases and phytonutrients help protect our bodies from them.

With juicing you can make your body absorb immune boosting nutrients in the most efficient manner. The other benefit it has it cleanses the body of toxins and expels all the harmful chemicals built up inside. Another advantage is juicing helps you fight off colds and flus.

For those who use public transportation, they are always at the risk of getting flu from a fellow passenger who sneezes in their directions or a mucus-laden hanger. The transference of environmental and contagious diseases is extremely high in closed spaces such as elevators, or even offices.

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If you ever feel the symptoms of a cold, or your throat closing up due to flu this can work as an instant remedy. All you need to do is make a juice from the fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals and drink it up. This will certainly fight off the viruses and bacteria trying to make you sick and give your body an energy boost.

Juicing Can Help You Fight off Inflammation

Juicing Can Help You Fight off Inflammation

Do you get body aches and joint pains occasionally? Do they happen when you are just starting out your day and tire you before you even start working? If it’s a perpetual thing this might be caused by inflammation.

Now, juicing can be your alternative to starting your day rather than experiencing pain caused by inflammation. Just wake up day after day and find something that appeals to your tastes and comes from a fruit or vegetable family. You can try our juice combos and recipes from various sites or experiment yourself and soon enough you will find out the surprises are endless and most of them taste great.

Body pains are caused by inflammation and anti-inflammatory natural produces include vegetables such as celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon and ginger and fruits such as pineapple and green apples. If you do not want to eat all of these fruits and vegetables in a salad, or cook them up, you can simply juice them and drink up. All of these, except ginger, taste great and could make a nice combo. Ginger is a bit too strong to taste and also very hot tasting so it’s best to use it in little quantities or mix it up with fruits.

Apart from these vegetables and fruits there are beets, apple, blackberry all combined with a tinge of ginger to become a rich antioxidant juice. Beets are highly nutritious plants that can cleanse out the body and blood. They work wonders for the skin and decrease the risks of birth defects. Combined with their ability to prevent body aches, they are certainly one of the best vegetables to juice from.

Experimenting With Delicious Fruits and Vegetables

A lot of people are wary of certain fruits and vegetables because of the way they taste. We are here to argue that point, because for every vegetable or fruit you find unappealing somebody else loves the way they taste and is eating all the nutrients you are missing out on.

The best part about juicing is you can easily try out these fruits and vegetables, or even new ones you have been cynical about. All fruits and vegetables have one benefit or another for the human body and you can easily incorporate them into your diet. Simply mix fruits and vegetables together in a way that your favourite and most delicious ones overpower the taste of other fruits and vegetables in the mix.

Have a combo that appeals to your taste buds and makes even the ones you don’t like seem tasty enough. Start experimenting bit by bit and soon you will find there are countless combinations that you can never get tired of.

Juicing is an amazing way to nourish your body and the results show instantly. It is easy and fun, and most importantly it heals, protects and rejuvenates the human body with minimal efforts.

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