Juicing or Blending Which is Best to Choose

At the first impression, blending and juicing give the same type of beverages. However, they are very different, especially when it comes to the nutrients and ingredients obtained from the veggies, fruits or grass. As such, determining which process is best isn’t an easy call. We will have to analyze both of them in depth.

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All about blending

We will start with the most common type of getting beverages from fruit. Blending has been used for decades and the process remained almost the same. So, what are the main points to know about this method?

juicing or blending which is best


  • Only alternative for fruits with low amount of water

Juicers and juicing cannot be used for fruits which is low inthe water, such as bananas or papaya. Blending them is the only possible way you can obtain juice out of them. An interesting fact is that banana smoothies are some of the most popular on the planet.

  • Provides fiber to your body

Fiber will make you feel full and stay like that for a longer period of time. It is also an essential nutrient for humans. Smoothies actually provide the same amount of fiber as when you eat actual fruit. And yes, this is one of the main advantages smoothies offer.

  • You can balance the sugar intake easier

Although we rated this point as an advantage, it is questionable. Smoothies will provide you with less sugar than juices, which is a good thing. The sugar spikes will be a thing of the past. The downside is that the healing process will be compromised. Your body needs to repair itself from damages that occur daily, so think about this point.

  • Get the most from organic fruit

Because health is the main aspect here, we cannot advise you to do anything that has a negative effect on it. This applies to the fruits and vegetables you will use. Conventionally grown ones contain chemicals and pesticides, so they should be avoided. Luckily, with organic ingredients, you will get the most.

  • Better enzyme production

When you digest fiber, your body must produce specific enzymes in order to complete the process. These enzymes are beneficial for many additional processes in the body. Because you actually get fiber from the smoothies, you get an increase of the enzymes in question.

  • Adjust the taste

You cannot make a juice out of grassy ingredients. Even when you blend them, you get apoor taste. With blenders, you can change all of that. Adding powders, seeds, nuts and additional fruit, you can make a delicious smoothie.


  • Produce beverage by cutting the fruit

Obviously, blending means cutting, so blenders work by cutting the ingredients in very tiny pieces. To ensure all pieces are as small as possible, manufacturers had to implement high-speed electric motors which transfer power to the blades. In other words, blades rotate extremely fast, so they are able to cut a fruit in so small pieces that you basically get a smoothie.

During the process, air will be trapped in the beverage, so you will get that bubbly look. Try to remember that trapped air isn’t precisely ideal, so it may cause you bloating or gasses.

  • Less hydration

With blending, fiber won’t be completely destroyed from the fruits, which means that you will get a daily intake of the nutrient. However, this also suggests that the beverages won’t be as hydrated as those made by juicing.

  • Reduced absorption of the nutrients

When you make a smoothie, it still has a similar form like the actual fruit, due to the fiber it contains. Fiber needs some time to be digested and absorbed. Special enzymes are produced for that. However, other types of enzymes are produced to absorb the vitamins and minerals. The main problem here is the fact that they must penetrate fiber in order to reach to the vitamins and minerals.

In the best case scenario, your digestive tract will absorb around 35% of the vitamins and minerals from smoothies. It certainly isn’t great!

  • You eat less fruit and vegetables

Smoothies will make you feel full in no time. When you want to lose weight, this is actually a good thing. The issue is in the amount of fruit and vegetables you will consume. Because you will feel fuller for a long time, you will eat less fruit and vegetables.

  • Nutrient oxidation

High-speed blenders are definitely not ideal. They obviously cut the ingredients in as less time as possible. This causes oxidation and makes nutrients less useful than they actually are. Don’t think juicers are better. Centrifugal models have the same issue.

All about juicing

Juicing actually has been among us from early history, but in different forms. Not until a few decades ago we began using modern juicers that can get a job done quickly and easily. Now, there are a lot of different juicers and techniques. However, all of them share the same good and bad sides.


  • Juice is obtained from pulp so you have a clean beverage

While blenders will cut ingredients, juicers will squeeze and spin them. They create a pulp and then squeeze all the fluids out of it. The final product is juice without any large particles and perfectly smooth. Obviously, thepulp cannot come in contact with the juice you just made.

  • Get all the fluids from the ingredients

If you use moisturized fruits, you will get juice, which offers a superb hydration. The situation is the same when we take into account vegetables, but there are some limits. Conventional juicers cannot be used for juicing leafy vegetables. If you want the juices for these ingredients, you should purchase a masticating juicer.

  • Better cleansing

When it comes to the cleansing and detox, juicers are the right deal. They will make a perfect balance of the minerals and vitamins, so your body will use as low energy as possible to absorb them. The rest of the energy will be used for healing processes and for detox.

  • Juices have a better taste

Using a masticating juicer will ensure the ultimate taste of all juices. They work on a different method that conventional models, so they are capable of producing the ultimate taste. Adding a few fruits more will make things even better.

  • Full vitamin/mineral absorption

While with smoothies you absorb around 35% of the minerals and vitamins, with juicing you get 99%! The reason is simple and it may be mentioned a few times till now.  No fiber means that enzymes can reach and ‘’trap’’ vitamins and minerals more efficiently. This is actually one of the main reasons why so many people like juicing.

  • It’s all about healing

Juices will allow your body to repair itself as soon as possible and to be ready for new challenges. This is possible because all the nutrients and substances from juices are directly transported to the cells. As such, they will be used for regeneration straight away.

Fresh vegetables and fruits must be used every single time. Using organic ones will simply make things better, due to the fact they don’t contain chemicals, pesticides or additives. We will recommend you to use green vegetables. They have the best effect on the healing process. Don’t think you can skip this benefit. Healing is the main advantage of the juicing.

  • A high-end juicer is required

If you are into juicing and detox, you should know that a premium or a high-end juicer is mandatory. Not only it will last longer and offer better features during its lifespan, but it will also reduce the oxidation.

Oxidation is basically when the juice is ruined due to the damages of the nutrients themselves. Slow juicers are usually the best choice. In addition, lower level of oxidation allows you to store juice for a longer period of time.

A superb juicer will be more like an investment which will pay itself over a longer period of time. A separate thing you should remember is related to the pesticides and chemicals from the fruits and vegetables. Organic ingredients should be used, due to the fact they are the healthiest. But, a premium juicer will eliminate all of the non-wanted and poor-quality substances from juices.


  • You won’t get any fiber

Basically, fiber will be removed so you won’t get it from juices. Fiber will stay in the pulp. We already mentioned that it is essential for the digestive tract.

  • No fiber, no enzymes

Certain enzymes that are produced only to absorb fiber won’t be needed. However, they are related to other enzymes as well. Because your body won’t produce the first type, there won’t be a need for the second type of enzymes.

  • Cannot be used for low-water fruits

Juicing bananas, papayas, avocados and leafy vegetables. For this purpose, you will have to use a blender. An important addition we must mention is that you must not push these fruits in your juice. You can cause a severe damage.

  • Sugar spikes may occur

Because you won’t get enough fiber, you will feel hungry all the time. When you are hungry, you will want to drink more juices to feel full. Juices are rich in sugar, so this may cause sugar spikes. Try eating fruits instead.

The final thought

Most of you believe that using blenders or juicers is a choice you must make today. In a matter of fact, it isn’t. Ideally, you will use both techniques, which transfers to having both of the appliances. In general, smoothies can replace a meal, while juices are just an addition to the diet. Having juices only isn’t a smart choice, and having them in large amounts per day isn’t recommended either. Smoothies are superior when it comes to fiber, but other than that, they are just a treat.

The best thing you can do is to combine these two processes, as we mentioned above. For example, make juice and include it in your smoothie, instead of water or other beverage. By doing this, you get the best of both worlds. Vitamins and minerals from juices and fiber form smoothie will all be present. In essence, this allows you to get a daily intake of all the elements we just mentioned and to also feel fuller for a longer period of time. In one word, this combination is health in a glass.

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