How Does A Masticating Juicer Work?

Masticating Juicers is a unique and different type of juicers, they are special, due to the process they use to deliver you delicious juice. Most nutritionists and healthcare providers recommend specifically this type of juicer, so you can get an idea of how good they truly are. But, as everything special on this planet, we would like to break them down a bit.

Basics Information about masticating

The main difference between this and other types of juicers is in the speed. These ones have a slow rotating drilling unit, known as an auger. The rotation is between 80 and 100 RPMs, which is by far slower than conventional juicers can reach. Once again, there is a reason for this.

A slowly rotating auger will require more time to blend and mix the fruits, but by doing so, it won’t destroy or damage the nutrients from the ingredients. This is actually the main advantage of masticating juicers. Nutrients, fiber, vitamins, and minerals are all going to be preserved and obtained in their natural form. As such, you can store these juices for a longer period of time. Also, your body will need less time and energy to absorb them.

While the auger will spin, a separate element, known as flighting will remove the chewed fruit and pulp. Furthermore, the combination of these two parts will force the juice through a wire mesh or a filter. It actually depends on the model you have chosen.

Because the entire procedure is done slowly, juice won’t get too hot, meaning that the nutrients will stay in perfect condition. You may know that some juicers, which heat up the ingredients, damage the cells of the nutrients, so you won’t get all the benefits you hoped for.

Advantages of masticating juicers

How Does A Masticating Juicer Work?

The main advantage was actually mentioned at the beginning. As you recall, it is the preservation of the nutrients, thanks to a slower process. However, there are several, additional advantages masticating juicers provide. Let’s reveal them.

  • More juice than conventional juicers

If we know that the price of the fruits is in constant incline and that reducing the waste we make is mandatory, we can assume that having a juicer that will get the most out of fruit is highly desirable and beneficial. Masticating juicers offer precisely that.

A slow rotating auger and the entire mechanism will literally squeeze the most out of fruit. Depending on the type of fruit and its condition, you can expect between 15 and 20% more juice, compared to ordinary units. Additionally, you will notice a lower amount of pulp.

  • You can use them for all kinds of fruit, veggies, and grass

The juicers in question were developed as an upgrade to conventional juicers, therefore they have an additional advantage. More precisely, they can be used for spinach, celery, and similar plants, which are out of limit for ordinary units.

Even more important fact is that they will still extract most of the nutrients and needed ingredients from all types of fruit, veggies, and grass you push in them. Basically, you don’t even have to think about the ingredients you want to include in your juice. Masticating juicers can blend, mix, and chew all of them.

  • Versatile and useful for different purposes

You have just got a juicer, which is great, but soon you notice that it has one purpose only. At the first sight, it may be a well-known and expected fact. On the other hand, you got a masticating juicer. Soon, you will notice that the design, features, and attachments allow you to do so much more.

These appliances can be used to make pasta or even breadsticks. If we know that they are heavy-duty units, we can deduce that they can be even used for commercial applications. Addition: It is possible to use masticating juicers to make ice cream or butter.

  • Last several times longer

By now you already know that masticating juicers are slow. In-depth, they have a lower RPM, lower speed but still powerful electric motors. All of this means that their lifespan is a few times longer than ordinary juicers can offer.

Additionally, this combo provides more torque than faster units offer. It simply means that a juicer is much stronger and that it can cut harder ingredients. The bottom line is that these juicers are a wise investment, especially if you plan to use it frequently.

  • Extremely quiet

The main reason why ordinary juicers make so much noise is the speed of the blade. Motor must operate at the full speed and the blade will cut everything in its path. All of this creates plenty of noise!

At the time when we are planning to visit Mars and explore the universe, loud juicers are not something you must live with. That’s why masticating juicers are the best. Slow operating speed and theslow electric motor will almost completely eliminate the noise.

  • Better taste of juice

Slower blending and mixing process won’t damage the membranes of the nutrients, therefore it will slow down the oxidation. Besides the advantage we have mentioned, which suggest that the nutrients will be preserved, this also makes juice taste better. Our brain evolved to treat anything healthy as delicious, in order to make sure the organism gets all the needed nutrients.

Beside the better taste, you can also get a better texture of juice. In general, you end up with juice which lasts longer, tastes better and actually provides more health benefits than juices made by conventional juicers.

Upright masticating juicers

Here we have a slightly different type of the juicers we discuss. Upright models are actually still new and commonly treated as revolutionary juicers. There are several reasons for that. First of all, they require less space than ordinary masticating juicers, thanks to their slim and tall design.

When we thought that the efficiency of the juicers cannot be better, upright models proved us wrong. Auger and the blending compartment work together to produce even more juice than usually. They also completely drain fluids from the pulp, so you get less waste than ever before.

Even if you are a demanding user, who wants to make juices out of rare and strange plants, these juicers are still perfect for you. In short terms, they can make juice from literally anything, including leaves and grass.

Who needs masticating juicers?

If you don’t have time to read the entire content, you must know that masticating juicers are ideal for all of you. Simply look back at the benefits and you will understand why. The best part is the fact they are not as expensive as you may believe, so you can definitely afford them.

Originally, masticating juicers were developed for the needs of athletes and people who want to lead healthy lifestyles. In other words, they are made to ensure the ultimate health in a glass.

Bodybuilders also must use masticating juicers. They need minerals and vitamins more than we do, so this type of juicers is actually recommended. We know that most of the celebrities and public figures use masticating juicers as well.

Even if you are a beginner, you will have to consider the juices we explained. Yes, they have flaws, but compared to their advantages, they are irrelevant.

The final thought

Masticating juicers work on a simple, yet sophisticated mechanism. They are the high-end juicers which offer the best performances and they are capable of meeting all your demands. Regardless of what you are looking for your new juicer, they will provide it. All of you who are just crazy about the juice of the ultimate health potential have no other options. The situation is the same with athletes and those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. In one word, masticating juicers are perfect.

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