14 Best Immersion Hand Blenders Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you love cooking? Do you love to equip your kitchen with all the necessary kitchen equipment that make cooking and foods with drinks ease? Are you are a lover of smoothies pyres and healthy tasty meals? Or you love mixture of different food, fruits and vegetables?. Then this Best Immersion Hand Blenders reviews is just for you.

Here are best and high rated immersion blenders that are effective, efficient and very easy to use.

What Are Immersion Blenders?

Best Immersion Hand Blenders 2018

Blenders are equipment just like other kitchen equipment used in getting our food ready and making tasty and healthy foods, example are toasters, juicers, microwaves, etc. for making cooking easy and enjoyable.

Talking about immersion blenders, they are unique kind of kitchen equipment that plays an important role in helping us make different kinds of food fast and easy, be it a wand blend, a Bermixer, a stick blender or a hand blender. They all play the role of a multi-tasking part in blending ingredients to suit our pattern of feeding and living healthy.

Immersion blenders are not heavy-duty machines but are specially designed and built to do small jobs that are very vital in the kitchen for yourself or for your baby.


Immersion blenders are multi-purpose blenders that can do for you what most blenders can do.

With how portable they are, you can easily move them and store them well because they don’t require much space for storage. These devices save you time because they are very easy to use and maintain. You can blend liquid mixtures in a large quantity at once with these blenders because they are not suitable for very thicker foods.

Below are some food items you can use the immersion blenders to make;


  • Baby’s food
  • Sauces
  • Whipped cream
  • Creamy Vinaigrettes
  • Pesto
  • Pureeing soups
  • Mayonnaise
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Salsa
  • Pancakes
  • Cake better
  • Waffle
  • Meringues
  • Chutneys
  • Jams
  • Butters etc

The immersion blenders are best used in making your baby’s food to help your little one grow well and healthy. You use the immersion blender to make pureed apples, vegetable mixture food and other food for your baby. Using the immersion blenders is perfect for making mayonnaise and have your family enjoy healthy blended kitchen mayonnaise without any stress, it only takes you a few minutes of your time to make it.

To make fruit smoothies for healthy living, you can make rich smoothies that are totally irresistible and tasty with your immersion blender just combining different testy fruits that are nutritious and nourishing.

How to Choose Good Immersion Blenders for Your Kitchen

There are lots of blenders that are manufactured by different blender manufacturing industries and they all have different designs and working abilities. Do you want to buy a good blender for making foods and drinks? These are things to look out for before choosing your immersion blenders.

PORTABILITY: A good immersion blender should be portable but sophisticated in nature and easy very simple to use. With this portability, it will not be difficult for anyone to operate and make use of it in food items.

STRONG BLADE: The blade of a blender is one area you need to put interest in when choosing an immersion blender. To find out if the blade of the blender you want to buy is best suitable enough to deliver to you what you expect from it, ensure that the blade is thick, made of stainless steel, sturdy and large enough to blend food items.

It can be a regular blade or tri-blades that are reliable and perfect for blending food.

BODY OF THE BLENDER: The body of a blender should be considered when buying an immersion blender because they are used for different purposes in the kitchen and one of those purposes is using it in mixing hot boiling soup or other food items that involve heat.

For this reason, is advisable to buy immersion blenders that are designed with long steel shaft that can be used in shallow and dish that are deep.

SPEED / POWER BUTTON: Visible power button and speed button on the body of immersion blender plays an important role because it will help you to switch on/off the blender and also to select the speed at which your blender will functions.

EXTRA ATTACHMENTS: Every good immersion blender with extra accessories with them that are for other important use in the kitchen. Such feature includes a jar, chopper, grinder whisker. Etc.

How To Keep Your Blender Clean

Keeping your immersion blender clean is very important and means drinking, eating and living healthy. Is very vital to keep your blender clean immediately after use so that it would not be contaminated by bacteria growing on them.

The manufactures of immersion blenders designed them to be very easy to use and to clean as well as maintain.

Below are steps to cleaning your blenders after use.

STEP 1: Ensure that your blender is disconnected from its power source immediately after use.

STEP 2: Detach all the detachable parts of the blender that were used to blend your food ingredients.

STEP 3: Boil an amount or quantity of water that will be enough to wash the blender parts that where detached.

STEP 4: Add detergents to the boiled hot water to make it soapy.

STEP 5: Detach the non electrical part and soak them in the hot soapy water and leave them there for 5 minutes and above.

STEP 6: Wash them thoroughly to remove any remaining food particles and odor of any food like garlic, ginger and other foods with a strong smell from the blender.

NOTE: Be careful when washing the blade to avoid any cut.

STEP 7: Dry the washed parts with a clean dry towel (the towel and sponge used on your blender should not be used on any other kitchen equipment to avoid introducing a duty to your blender).

STEP 8: Use a damp clean towel to wipe drops of food particles on the electrical parts of the blender.

STEP 9: Allow to air before fixing back every part of the blender that was disconnected and washed.

STEP 10: Ensure that the parts are properly assembled before storage.


  • Do not leave the blender connected to a power source when is not on the use or after use.
  • Do not leave the blender unwashed after use.
  • Do not soak the whole blender parts into hot boiled water.
  • Do not allow water to enter into the electrical part.
  • Do not place your hand on the blade while the blender is on.


#1. Hamilton 2-speed Hand Blender (59765)

The Hamilton beach 59765 hand blender is a stainless steel blade 2-speed control blender that are specially manufactured to help you do some domestic work fast and easy.

This blender is very easy to operate and handle because of the solid handle that gives you a firm grip and allow you to blender your food very fast.

USES: For chopping, pureeing, mixing food fast. It can be used in a pot, strong plastic bowl and glass cups or bowl.


  • Is built with long power cord.
  • The non electrical parts are dish washable.
  • Is a multi-purpose blender
  • Fast and safes time.
  • Very easy to operate.


  • Frequent usage can cause damages to it.

#2. Bella 250w Blender Review


This is a portable hand immersion blender that is a heavy duty blender that is simple and easy to use in the kitchen or anywhere. The BELLA is a unique product that can be used to make various healthy foods for your family. Some of the food items that can be made with this immersion blender are Mayonnaise, smoothies, soups etc.

It comes with whisk attachment that helps you achieve some of the work you expect from the blender.


  • It has a 2 year warranty
  • Is built with a 250W motor horse power
  • Has a portable handle
  • Is easy to clean because is built with a dish washable parts
  • It can be used in a plastic bowls or your cooking pot without any fear of damage occurring.
  • This product is effective and efficient.


  • It cannot be used for too long blending activity.

#3. Breville (BSB510XL)



This is a unique and awesome control grip blender that is designed with a 15 different speed setting t enable you carry out your blending activities in the kitchen.

The blade of this blender is strong and very effective to break into piece food items and ingredients.

One amazing feature of this Breville is the control grip that helps you to control the rate (speed) at which the blade does it breaking down section that plays an important part in blending food items. With this, you will be able to make testy and healthy different kinds of food.


  • The blade speed control setting is effective.
  • Does not expand pots when used in a pot
  • Is easy to use
  • They are reliable and effective.


  • Not suitable for a long usage purposes.

#4. Braun Mulyiquick Hand Blender (mq505)


The Braun multi-quick hand blender is a lovely stainless steel blade kitchen blender that is used in making different testy food for your family. This blender is very easy to operate and use with removable parts that are easy to assemble and dissemble for easy usage and cleaning.

The manufacturers of this product designed it with Turbo Boost (TB) that enables it to work effectively.


  • It comes with whisker, 2 cup-chopper, a beaker and a masher.
  • Is easy to use and operate.
  • Built with strong stainless blade
  • Soft portable firm grip handle
  • Is easy to clean
  • It comes with interesting attachments for making different testy and healthy foods.


  • It can’t withstand a long working duration

#5. Proctor Silex Hand Blender (59738a)


The Proctor is a lovely and unique hand blender that is a multi-task kitchen tools for making delicious healthy food for your family. This product is fast in operation and very easy to use and maintain without stress.

The manufacturers designed this blender with easy handing handle that is firm and it is also a 2 speed blending system that does multiple work in blending and chopping of food items. The blade is stainless steel and its motor is 150W and best suitable for puree, whip and other choices of blending food and ingredients.


  • Built with strong stainless steel blade
  • Designed with a 2 speed control
  • Is easy to operate
  • Cleaning it is very easy
  • Strong grip handle


  • Not for long working duration

#6. Oxa Immersion Blender (4 in 1 Blender set)


The OXA immersion blender is one of the strong blenders in the market that is built with a 300W motor horse power that is much higher than the motor of other blenders. This is a powerful 4 in 1 blender set with a 6 different speed control that helps to blend strong food that are dry or frozen with its strong blade that are capable of smoothening food and make them testy and irresistible.


  • *A 600ml Beaker
  • *An egg whisk
  • *A 500ml food chopper
  • *Strong stainless steel blade


  • A 300W motor horse power
  • Is a 4 in 1 blender set
  • Strong grip handle
  • 6 speed control
  • A dish washable attachment parts
  • Strong stainless steel blade


  • Not for a long time usage

#7. Kitchen Aid Hand Blender (Khb2351 cu)


The Kitchen Aid hand blender is a strong high quality blending device that can help you blend food items and ingredients fast. The blade of this awesome blender is made of stainless that are capable of crushing, chopping and pureeing food items.

This 3 speed control blender has a 3 cup blending jar that can be used for storage purpose; it also has whisk attachment and a chopper attachment for different blending purposes.

USES: For processing nuts and other foods


  • The blade is made of stainless steel that is strong s-shape design
  • It has washable attachment parts
  • Is a 3 speed control device
  • It has a removable arm
  • Easy to operate
  • Has storage jar


  • Is expensive
  • Not for long working time
  • Not so easy to assemble.

#8. Epica Immersion Blender(4 in 1 Blender Set)


The Epica 4 in 1 blender set is a heavy duty immersion blender that is built with strong and reliable stainless steel blade that is strong enough to help you blend and process food items and ingredients with ease. This product is designed with a 350W motor horse power and with different speed control that will enable you to control the speed at which it blends and process food with a testy healthy food.

This blender can puree, chop fruits and grind food with the help of the effective and efficient blade.


  • Is a 4 in 1 set of blender
  • Is easy to use
  • Dish washable attachment parts
  • Strong cutting edge
  • Built with a 350W motor


  • The attachment parts can easily get bad if not properly used and taken care of.

#9. Koios 500w Immersion Blender (4 IN 1 Blender SET)


The KOIOS blender is an awesome and unique product that is built with a 500W motor that helps it to do its job. This is a 4 in 1 blender set that are attachable and detachable. With them you can crush food items and ingredients that are hard in nature with the 6 speed controls.


  • *Mayonnaise
  • *Smoothies
  • *Baby food
  • *Squash
  • *Pancakes
  • *Salsa
  • *Whipped cream.


  • *A 600ml beaker
  • *Whisk attachment
  • *A 500ml Chopper
  • *Blending shaft


  • 500W motor
  • 6 speed control
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Has dash washable parts
  • Low noise
  • Sharp strong blade
  • Turbo function


  • The non dish washable parts can’t withstand waster.

#10. Cuisinart Hand Blender Review (HB 155 PC)


The Cuisinart hand blender is a smart stick blender with stainless steel blade that sharp and strong to blend food. This blender is designed with a 200W motor and different speed control button that enables you use the machine at different working speed. It is easy and simple to use, it can be use on the following different items like bowls, pots without causing damages to them. It accessories includes a blender part and a whisk part.


  • Is a 200W motor device.
  • Easy to operate
  • Portable handle
  • Strong stainless steel blade


  • Is not a multi-purpose blender
  • Motor is not suitable for a long working time.

#11. Cuisinart Hand Blender (CSB 75 BC)


This is a 2 speed blender that is built with a 200W motor and a 2 speed control. The Cuisinart CSB 75 BC blender comes in different colors that best suits you and add color to your kitchen. The speed of this blender can be controlled when blending food item with the help of the high and low button on the body of the grip handle

It can be used to make different kinds of soups, pesto etc.


  • Washable parts
  • 6 inches long stick
  • 200W motor
  • 2 speed control
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Detachable shaft


  • Not suitable for a long range usage

#12. Cuisinart Hand Blender (CSB 79)


The Cuisinart hand blender CSB 79 is a smart stick, 2 speed control blender that is fast, efficient and effective in blending food and with it you can make testy healthy food for yourself and your little ones. This blender is a low noise device that is designed with a 200W motor and has a whisk. To enjoy this product and make it last long for you, you must ensure you clean it up and dry it well before storage.

Its whisk can be used to make lots of food that will keep you wanting for more.


  • 2 speed control button
  • Strong blade
  • Washable parts
  • Strong whisk
  • Built with a 200W horse power


  • Not for a long time blending process.

#13. Kitchen Aid hand Blender (KHB1231)

This Kitchen aid blender is a reliable and amazing blender that is suitable for making different testy food for your wholly family.

The blender is built with a 2 speed control that enables you to switch to any speed level that best suit the kind of food you want to make. It comes with effective attachment parts and all the parts are very easy to use and clean after use. With this, you can control the on switch (button) while is functions.


  • Portable attachment parts
  • 2 speed control
  • Dish washable attachment parts
  • 8 inches long shaft


  • Not suitable for strong food.
  • Not suitable for a long usage

#14. Kitchen Aid Hand Blender (khb 2561)

The KITCHEN (KHB 2561) is a super strong and reliable blender with an s-shape grip handle that is very firm and a blade that is a multi-task purpose. The KHB 2561 blender is a 5-speed active process that enables you to switch to any speed limit of your choice that best suits the food item you wish to blend.


  • Strong stainless steel blade
  • A 5 speed control
  • A storage Jar
  • Suitable attachment parts
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Dish washable attachments.


  • The electrical part can easily get damaged by water; you must avoid water from touching it.



The above blenders are the best and durable products that are effective, efficient and reliable blenders that you can use on a daily bases to make sweet testy food for your family most especially for your babies.

The above products are suitable for making different food that is your favorite meals.

What are you waiting for, you can get any of these lovely hand blenders right away on affordable prices with lots of discounts.

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