Top 10 Best Food Processor 2019: Ultimate Review

Lots of persons don’t have enough time for themselves and don’t appreciate wasting much time in the kitchen. But the good news is that you wouldn’t complain about time wasted in the kitchen while preparing food for yourself and your family. Here we present you with different best food processors that will help get your food items ready for cooking.

With the help of a food processor 90% of work needed to be done on your food items will be totally completed.

Best Food Processors 2018 Reviews

Food processors are use for chopping, cutting, mixing, slicing, kneading food items and this help in reducing the use of knife in the kitchen saving you from deep knife cut.

#1. Breville  Sous Chef Food Processor (BFP800XL)

Best Food Processor

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The Breville BFP800XL food processor is one of the best selling products in the market and the manufactures of this awesome product designed it with top quality materials that are effective and efficient in working.

This processor is built with large feed chute that allows it to take in large amount of food items, fruits, vegetables and ingredients at once. The base of this food processor is made of any counter is placed on.

This product is designed with three different blades that enable it to cut, chop, slice, mix and blend food items.


  • *LCD display
  • *2.5 cup mini
  • *5 discs
  • *Two bowls
  • *3 different blades
  • *A metal base
  • *16 cup large
  • *Large feed chute

#2. HAMILTON BEACH 70670 Review

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This Hamilton 70670 food processor is built with a 525W motor horse power, which makes an upgrade from other Hamilton product. This product has the ability to chop food items, cut them, slice and mix food items in an appreciated way. Is built with a 2-speed control that enables you to control the rate at which food substances are chopped, cut or mixed.

This device has a large big feed chute that can accommodate large amount of food items, vegetables, nuts and fruits at once. The strong blade makes its work more easy and enjoyable during operation.

N/B: The parts are dish washable, easy to use, easy to clean and maintain.


  • *Large feed chute
  • *Two speed control
  • *Portable handle
  • *Two disc
  • *Strong stainless steel blades
  • *525W motor horse power
  • *Washable parts


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The Braun K650 food processor is a unique processor that gives you the exact satisfaction you desire when using a food processor. Is built with a 600W motor horse power (HP) which is quiet high and it has quality accessories that accompanies it.

This product is specially designed for slicing food substances, grating them, chopping, shredding etc. with the help of the variable speed control that enables you to control the speed at which the food substances placed inside it are sliced or chopped.

This food processor is best suitable for processing large amount of food items which makes it a perfect choice for family use.


  • *Is designed with variable speed control
  • *Strong stainless steel shredding insert
  • *A mini chopper inserts
  • *Citrus press
  • *Stainless steel slicing insert
  • *Dough tools
  • *Whipping and blending tools
  • *A 600W motor horse power

#4. Kitchen Aid KFP750PK Review

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The Kitchen Aid food processor is a beautiful product that is suitable for processing different kinds of food for your family. The large feed chute makes it easy for food items to be easily introduced into the system.

This product is built with a 700W motor horse power which makes it effective and efficient during operation, easy to use, clean and it does not generate noise during operation.


  • *A flexible pulse control
  • *A 700W motor horse power
  • *A 12 cup capacity bowl
  • *4 cups mini bowl
  • *Strong stainless steel blades

#5. Cuisinart DFP14BNCY

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The Cuisinart DFP14BCNY is a 16 inches tall food processor that is one of the effective and an excellent product in the market with sophiscated design that makes it possible for it to mix food items, chop, cut, Shred, knead and slice food substances pretty well.


  • *Stainless steel blade
  • *Weighs 17 pounds
  • *Is 16 inches tell
  • *Disc storage unit
  • *slicing disc
  • *A flat lid
  • *Whisk attachment

NOTE: some of these features can be bought separately because they do not come with the pack.

#6. Kitchen Aid KFP1466ER Food Processor

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The Kitchen Aid KFP1466ER food processor is a big mouth feed chute system that can take in large amount of food items at once. The blades are strong enough to cut through food items, chop, slice, mix food and knead food substances.

Soft food items are most suitable for this food processor, such foods includes vegetables, fruits, tomato and other greenly veggies. Maintaining this system is very easy because the parts are dish washable.


  • *11 x 11 inches footprint
  • *4 cup mini bowl
  • *Weighs 21 pounds
  • *A cleaning brush
  • *Stainless steel blades
  • *Disc
  • *17 inches tall
  • *Container

#7. Cuisinart DLC2007N

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The DLC2007N Cuisinart is another amazing food processor that is awesome in it working pattern, the parts are dish washable and to operate and maintain after use.

The manufactures designed it with an adjustable speed control that will help you to adjust the speed during operation. It has a large feed chute that makes chopping, cutting, mixing and slicing of food substance easy.


  • Has two disc
  • An extra bowl feed chute
  • Adjustable speed control
  • 7 cup bowl

#8. Oster Designed For Life

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This is a unique Oster product design of food processor that is a 14-cup processor with a 5 cup bowl that enables it to chop through food items.

It does an excellent job in slicing, cutting, chopping, mixing and kneading food substances.

During mixing food items, is advisable to use a spatula to help this food processor in mixing the food substance well.


  • *Shredding dice
  • *5 cup bowl
  • *Mini chopper
  • *Storage compartment
  • *Spatula

How To Clean Your Food Processor

Keeping your food processor clean is very important. Bacterial can accumulate inside if not cleaned immediately after use and stored properly.

NOTE: Every processor has a dish washable part that must be kept clean by washing it with clean water. Failure to do so will result to fungal and bacterial contaminating the processor thereby making you eat unhealthy food.

Below is the easy simple way to clean your food processor.

STEP 1: Switch off the food system and disconnect the power cord from the power source (electrical source).

STEP 2: Dissemble the non-electrical parts that were used in processing your food items.

STEP 3: Wash the washable parts in clean soapy water (cold or warm) using a clean brush with soft bristle and brush through the parts.

STEP 4: Rinse in a clean running water and clean with a clean dry towel.

STEP 5: Allow to air dry before storing it in a clean dry cupboard or leave it on your counter for kitchens with enough counter space.


Food processors are ideal kitchen equipment that will relieve you of any stress and make cooking easy and fast for you.

They come in different sizes and models that best suits you and your mode of cooking time.

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