Advantages And Disadvantages Of Juice Cleanses

Drinking green, red and juices in all other colors is truly beneficial. But, there is something you should know. Everything from nature has good and bad. The entire life works like that. This also applies to juices. All of them have plenty of benefits to the health, but they still have a few drawbacks. Now you will have an opportunity to know all about them.

Advantages of Juice Cleanses

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Juice Cleanses

Juices provide you essential minerals and vitamins

The main advantage of juice cleanses is a number of vitamins and minerals you will get. In addition, your body will also get phytonutrients. Although, your body can obtain all of the ingredients in question from a normal diet, here is another advantage. Nutrients will be delivered in a far more digestible form, meaning that a body will absorb them in less time and more efficiently.

Nowadays, people avoid vegetables and fruit, usually because they don’t know how to prepare a meal or they don’t have time for it. Juices require 5 minutes to be prepared and they offer all the vitamins and additional ingredients you will need. We also must add that juices are usually made from different fruits and vegetables, which suggests that you will get plenty of different vitamins, minerals, nutrients and etc.

Elimination of ‘’bad’’ food

Drinking fruit and vegetable juices will eliminate foods with side-effects on your health. You will also feel better, even if you use the juice cleanses for a short period of time. Bad food includes junk food, fast food and everything that comes with fat, chemicals, and all other substances which are toxic to your body.

More energy than ever before

When you drink coffee in the morning, you won’t feel better. It is a common illusion that you believe coffee will wake you up and give you more energy. In fact, it can make you sleepy again.

Instead of coffee, drink a glass of juice. The mixture of vitamins and nutrients will ensure you feel better and you have more energy. This benefit lasts the entire day.

Faster weight loss

We all know how difficult losing the weight is. Every way that can help you is a good way (only if it is healthy). With juice cleanses, you actually get a few benefits all related to the weight loss. First of all, you will eliminate poor food from a diet, which we already mentioned. Then, you will get potassium and more vitamin C than ever before. The bottom line is that you will get a better motivation to lose weight.

A study conducted in the United States revealed that people who drank juice during weight loss plan lost 4 pounds in 3 months. On the other side, people who followed the same diet plan, over the same time frame lost just one pound!

No waste

Believe or not, most of the food ends up in waste. Depending on a country, this may be between 30-80%! Juice cleanses also help you reduce waste. In essence, you will use whole vegetables and fruits in order to make juice, so you won’t make any waste at all.

If you are looking for a way to become eco-friendly and to use all of the foods you eat, juice cleansing is definitely a wise choice.

Disadvantages of Juice Cleanses

Disadvantages of Juice Cleanses

Lower level of detox

Many individuals believe that juice cleanses is the ultimate detoxifying method. Actually, it isn’t. Our body ‘’stored’’ toxins in different parts of a body. Some of them are stored in fat cells. But, even if you lose weight, you won’t lose fat in the same quantities.

The meaning of this is that you will lose lean muscles and water, which transferred to detox, but in far less amount than you may believe.

Feeling hunger is a must

Juices have no fiber, which causes you to feel full. As such, you will constantly feel hunger. Even worse, you may drink more juice than recommended, therefore increasing the amount of sugar, which isn’t a smart decision!

You may gain weight

Some individuals noticed weight gain even when they use juice cleanses. It looks contradictory and even impossible. In reality, you will lose lean muscles more than you lose fat, so you will just look like you gained weight.

Still, this is an issue for most people. Nobody likes to be on restriction and to hope that he will lose weight but instead he gains weight! This occurs over a short period of time. After that, you will notice weight loss.

Long-term usage isn’t recommended

Despite the fact juice cleanses is a great way to improve your health, it must not be used over a short period of time. The main issue is the lack of fiber. It is mandatory to help you feel full, but also to regulate sugar, cholesterol levels and to control blood pressure.

Without needed fiber, your body may develop deficiency with some nutrient or even a mineral. It can also develop high blood pressure and cause problems with the electrolyte balance. All of you who take medications or suffer from a chronic disease can still use juice cleanses, but over a short period of time. We must add the fact that you should have consultations with your doctor before you begin with juice cleanses.


Juice cleanses should be avoided if you suffer from a specific chronic disease, if you take some medications if you are pregnant or you breastfeed. In any other situation, this healthy addition to a diet is highly beneficial and recommended. Not only you will feel better, but your body will also be in a better form and you will experience all of the advantages we mentioned above.

A great fact is that all people who try juice cleanse experience all of the benefits. The last, but not least is the duration of juice cleanses. Don’t use them for a longer period of time, or you will start experiencing disadvantages we also mentioned here.

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